Workshop 3 – Research Methods

Mushroom Research Workshop (1 of 3)

Saturday, August 13th, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM, with Patrick Leacock
Swallow Cliff Woods South [see]
Parking location: Latitude – longitude: 41.6748 ; -87.86

All three August workshops have a similar agenda and content. Registration is required for a workshop. There is no fee. Space is limited to 15 people at each workshop. Please register for the date and location of your choice. A person can attend more than one workshop only if it is not filled with other people; list the dates in order of preference. Current IMA membership required.

Send your registration request to Patrick at

Directions: We are meeting at the very end of the string of parking lots on the access road on the west side of La Grange Road, about half-mile south of Route 83. Coming from the north, take I-55 to Exit 279A southbound on La Grange Road. Follow La Grange Road south for approximately 8.5 miles and turn right/west at the top of the hill. The entrance, on the right, to Swallow Cliff South is immediately south of 119th Street (on the left).

Both locations have long-term research plots for mushroom diversity studies. The workshops will be a combination of topics.

  • How to collect mushrooms for study and documentation.
  • How research data is obtained using long term plot studies.
  • How to identify trees and habitats.

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