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The Illinois Mycological Association is a group of fungal enthusiasts that meets frequently to learn about fungi through talks presented by experts, and to look for, identify and document wild fungi. We host monthly meetings with invited speakers, mycologist-led surveys to gather and document fungi, and an annual show at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

We welcome you to attend and learn more about fungi and the wild mushrooms of Illinois and the Chicago region.

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July Mushroom of the Month:
Hortiboletus rubellus

Hortiboletus rubellus, colloquially known as the Ruby Bolete, is a welcome harbinger of summer in this area. This super cute, small, brightly colored member of the family Boletaceae has a velvety reddish cap, orange-red stipe, and yellow pores. Like many other mushrooms of the boletus kin, Ruby Boletes will stain a dark inky blue color when cut or bruised. You can find them in deciduous woods and sometimes in grassy landscaping during summer and autumn. This mushroom will have a ghostly frosted white look if it's been attacked by the myco-parasite Hypomyces chrysospermus.

Photo by IMA Survey Chair Liz Weinstein  

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Video by the Illinois Mycological Association.

Speakers: Patrick Leacock, Tom Volk, and Britt Bunyard.
Video created by James Strzelinski, Spiel.

Interview assistance by Rebecca Fyffe.


IMA on iNaturalist

Members of the Illinois Mycological Association post their mushroom photos to iNaturalist to record fungal diversity for the Chicago Region. Mycologist Patrick Leacock reviews a selection of recent observations organized by his Top Ten Lists of most common macro-fungi.

IMA on iNaturalist

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