Illinois Mycological Association

The IMA is a mushroom hunting club that holds monthly meetings and frequent forays to look for wild mushrooms. The monthly programs are open to the public. We welcome you to attend and learn more about fungi and the wild mushrooms of Illinois and the Chicago region. About us. Join us.

Illinois Mycological Association on iNaturalist with Dr. Patrick Leacock

Members of the Illinois Mycological Association post their mushroom photos to iNaturalist to record fungal diversity for the Chicago Region. Mycologist Patrick Leacock reviews a selection of recent observations organized by his Top Ten Lists of most common macro-fungi.

The Top Ten Lists webpage provide links to these iNaturalist observations and links to descriptions pages by Michael Kuo and others.

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Promotional video by the Illinois Mycological Association.
Speakers: Patrick Leacock, Tom Volk, and Britt Bunyard.
Video created by James Strzelinski, Spiel.
Interview assistance by Rebecca Fyffe.
Published on Feb 4, 2014.

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Photo by John Kowalyk

The Illinois Mycological Association is dedicated to promoting mycology among members and the public. Educational activities include monthly meetings, seasonal forays, other events, and the annual mushroom show.

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Our Annual Mushroom Show is held on Sunday of Labor Day weekend at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Watch this video featuring the 2016 show.
Speakers: Stephanie Kowalyk, Andy Wilson, Alan Rockefeller.
Video created by James Strzelinski, Spiel.
Published on Nov 24, 2016.

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