New coat of paint

Images of old and new home pages

Welcome to the new IMA website!

We have migrated to a WordPress system that allows us to more easily provide better and more timely content for members and the public. Take a look around. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

We plan to add pages for information on the best edibles to consider and the poisonous mushrooms to avoid. Plus resources, some book reviews, and other items to get you started learning more about mushrooms. We do not track memberships on the website. Member-only content will be found in the monthly newsletters.

Big thanks to Nicholas Teeple and Susan Kayser for handling the switch of hosting companies. Nicholas installed WordPress and chose the Gaea Theme for us to use. I have been quickly learning about WordPress and moving and updating our content, and with more photos. We will be featuring our great videos created by James Strzelinski, of Spiel.

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