Foray 2016-07-16

Foray report from northwest side of Cook County

Twenty-one mushroom folks found 52 different mushrooms and macrofungi. Conditions were dry but a previous rainstorm encouraged some mushrooms to appear. Four of the mushrooms found are notable collections. Thanks to Rocky and Lorinda for leading the foray.
1) Cantharellus chicagoensis. This is our newly named yellow chanterelle in Chicago. We found variously sized young and mature chanterelles. Several of them were the pale forms that are missing the yellow pigment in the cap. See records on Mushroom Observer.
2) Microstoma floccosum. A distinctively hairy and stalked red cup fungus on twigs. This is our third record for the Chicago Region and first record for Cook County. Previous collections were 1899 in DuPage County and 2011 in McHenry County. See description at Mushroom Expert.
3) Ossicaulis lignatilis. This is an odd mushroom that is somewhat like an oyster mushroom. Our third record for the Chicago Region and second for Cook County. Previous collections were 2014 in Cook County and 1983 at Morton Arboretum, DuPage County. See records on Mushroom Observer.
4) Amanita cf. cinereopannosa. A beautiful and uncommon Amanita. This is the third location for Chicago Region, previously 14 observations in southern Cook County and 5 observations at Indiana Dunes in Porter County. See description at

Species list by Leacock and Houghtby.


Amanita bisporigera (deadly)
Amanita cf. cinereopannosa
Amanita aff. vaginata
Artomyces pyxidatus (old)
Boletus campestris
Cantharellus chicagoensis (yellow and pale forms)
Conocybe apala
Crepidotus cf. malachius
Crucibulum laeve
Daldinia childiae (old)
Fuscoporia gilva (old)
Ganoderma applanatum
Gymnopus cf. biformis
Gymnopus dichrous
Gyroporus castaneus
Hapalopilus nidulans (old)
Hohenbuehelia petaloides
Hydnochaete olivacea (old)
Hypomyces microspermus
Inocybe cf. rimosa
Irpex lacteus (old)
Laetiporus cincinnatus (old)
Marasmius rotula
Megacollybia rodmani
Microstoma floccosum
Ossicaulis lignatilis
Oxyporus populinus
Panus conchatus (old)
Peziza sp.
Phellinus sp. (old)
Pluteus sp.
Pluteus sp.
Pluteus sp.
Pluteus longistriatus
Pluteus cf. petasatus
Pluteus romellii
Polyporus alveolaris (old)
Polyporus radicatus
Polyporus varius (old)
Rickenella fibula
Russula sp.
Russula pectinatoides
Russula pulverulenta
Sarcoscypha occidentalis
Schizophyllum commune (old)
Scleroderma areolatum
Scutellinia sp.
Stereum ostrea (old)
Trichaptum biforme (old)
Truncospora ohiensis (old)

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