Fungi in the Tree of Life with Patrick Leacock, PhD

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Our understanding of fungi and relationships of all life continues to yield new insights. Poorly understood mushrooms and molds, once treated as plants, gained status as “The Fifth Kingdom,” which is more closely related to animals. We will look at how fungi fit into the total tree of all life and the new Domains and Super Groups that try to organize these relationships. Kingdom Fungi has a diverse array of life forms and new cryptic micro-fungi have been discovered.

Patrick is a mycologist documenting the mushrooms of the Chicago Region with collections going to the Field Museum of Natural History. He teaches botany and mycology at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He assists on forays as a scientific advisor for the IMA. He started his mushroom activities with the Minnesota Mycological Society before moving to Chicago. Patrick is also active with the North American Mycological Association and served as Voucher Coordinator for 20 years. Visit Patrick’s website at

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