Annual IMA Luncheon

IMA 2024 Annual Luncheon at Sun Wah BBQ with Chef Laura Cheng

Hosted at Sun Wah BBQ in Chicago

Feast your senses on an array of mouthwatering dishes, meticulously crafted to showcase the rich diversity of mushrooms. From the luxurious, ersatz “Shark Fin” soup to the hearty Beech Mushroom Medley, each dish is a testament to the culinary artistry of the chefs.

Delight in Vegetarian Stuffed Mushroom Caps, savor the flavors of Mushroom and Mango Stir fry, and experience the umami goodness of King Mushrooms with Shanghai Bok Choy. With a menu curated to highlight the finest fungi, every bite is a celebration of nature’s fungal bounty.

This meatless feast promises an abundance of flavor and camaraderie.

Prepare for a communal dining experience, where friends old and new come together to share the joy of good food and great company. Tables seating 10 guests each will partake in a family-style meal service, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.


Mandarin ducks sweetly in love
“Chicken and shark fin” soup – vermicelli, mushroom strips

Overflowing golden nest
“Chicken” and mango stir fry – king mushrooms, yellow tofu, red and green peppers, mango, and salted turnips

Silver ingots wrapped with white jade
vegetarian stuffed mushroom caps – minced tofu w/ black mushrooms, black moss, and carrots

The golden dragon flirts with the phoenix
Fried “oysters”- durian paste

The amber tiger brings four happiness
Beech mushroom medley w/ braised gluten – gluten, white and brown beech mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms

Auspicious snows welcome the gilin
Qilin tofu – seaweed, tofu, bamboo shoots

The beast hoards the jade
chinese yam, chinese okra stir fry – chinese okra, chinese yam, wood ear mushroom, bamboo sponge, carrots

The sun rises over the great prairies
“Abalone” w/ Shanghai bok choy – Shanghai bok choy, king mushrooms

The purple clouds glows on the chimes
Pan fried vegetarian tofu rolls – taro paste wrapped with yuba

The peach blossoms bloom in the spring winds
Peach jelly sweet soup – peach jelly steamed w/ coconut milk, milk, red dates, white fungus, and goji berries

Organized by Stephanie Kowalyk and Catherine Lambrecht with Kelly Cheng, Sun Wah BBQ